Old Violet

Like deep Parma violets or blue lavender it is a wonderful 18th century color used for coloring the inside of furniture-like the lining of a jacket – or for using with as the base with Paris Grey on top and distressed.  I have painted the interior red with Emperor’s Silk but it could have been painted with Duck Egg Blue for a more toned land cooler effect.



Add 2 parts of Old White to 1 part of Old Violet and you get a greyed taupe I have called after a great 18th century German architect called SCHINKEL.



Add 8 parts of Old White to 1 part of Old Violet for a soft grey like the underbelly of a dove, so I called it in French, COLOMBE.


Distressing with Old Violet


Old Violet painted as the base coat to Paris Grey to provide color and the anchor it down, with some Old White to lift it.