Emperor’s Silk


This a bright pure red like the red silk lining of a jacket, because of the way it looks we love it used as a interior of a cupboard or drawer.  It is named after the red of China.


Add equal parts of Old White and Emperor’s Silk to make a bright strong exotic flowery pink with a zing, so I’ve called it FRANGIPANI.




Add 3 parts of Emperor’s Silk to 1 part of Old White to make a pink I call MALACCA because it reminds me of pinks from Indonesia.



Emperor's Silk Progression


Adding Old White in 1 part, 2 parts, 3 parts and 4 parts to lighten and bring out the true hue of the color.







Emperor's Silk with Graphite



Graphite over Emperor’s Silk allowing the red to glow through is a way to give paintwork an exotic eastern look.