Chalk Paint®

We loved Annie Sloan’s paint so much when we picked it up, we wanted to sell it!

  • Chalk Paint® decorative paint is worth the price!
  • No sanding, no priming, no removing of old wax, paint or varnish.
  • You can use it on almost any surface, indoors and out.
Chalk Paint® brand decorative paint does not follow the rules but allows the user to work with it in an independent, intuitive and creative way. This very distinctive palette of colors draws on Annie Sloan’s fine art training. This incredible paint is so versatile that you can paint almost any surface including waxed and varnished pieces, clay and concrete pots, plastic and Formica furniture. No sanding or stripping nor the drudgery of priming.  Just think of all those projects you’ve been putting off because it was just to much work; now you’ll be able to enjoy the process and create something “new.”
The paint comes in 32 beautiful European colors perfectly suitable for all your furniture pieces but don’t stop there, wash the walls and floors with this fabulous paint as well. That’s right – your shutters and doors, iron gates and lamp posts even your cedar shingles can come to life with just one coat.